Adres: Industrieweg 114 H, 9032 Gent
Telefoon: +32 9 265 74 00
Contactpersoon internationale opportuniteiten: Kurt Haerens
09 265 7404


Omschrijving activiteiten

OLFASCAN is an entrepreneurial team of consultants and collaborators, supporting companies in their ambition not causing odour nuisance for their surroundings. This support stretches from measurements and analyses over modeling, advice and communication with the neighborhood. With its own analytical lab, specialised in measuring and tracing odorants in extremely low concentrations, we do not only support our clients in solving their problem, but we also perform state of the art analyses for lots of laboratories and consulting companies at an international level. With the right expertise and a very passionate team, we deliver the perfect combination of quality and objectivity. Every OLFASCAN project is guided by a recognised expert. The company itself has a lot of experience in odour related problems in all kind of sectors. A reference list will be sent at simple request. OLFASCAN is strongly client oriented, with customer satisfaction as its primary goal. The implicit aim is to get and keep the label of 'home adviser' from every client.


Wenst actief te zijn in:

Oost-Europa: Estland, Rusland, Letland, Litouwen, Polen, Roemenië, Slowakije, Tjechië
Zuid-Europa: Portugal, Italië, Griekenland, Kroatië, Monaco, Spanje, Europees gedeelte van Turkije

Mijn expertise is internationaal inzetbaar op onderstaande domeinen:

Lucht en geur


Wenst volgende dienstverlening aan te bieden in een internationale context:

Chemical air analysis with limits of detection of only a few ppb by GCMS, for screening of organic compounds. GC-Sniffing analysis: this analytical method combines highly sensitive analytical techniques with the human nose as odour detector. The very high sensitivity of the human nose for odours, makes it possible to detect compounds with a very low odour threshold value. This type of analysis reveals highly valuable sensorial information of the analysed air sample. Determination of emissions of materials. Follow-up and evaluation of odour reducing measures. Dispersion modelling using ISC. Advice on sanitation. Environmental impact assesment.


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